Madrid, 7th April 2017. Today a new PONS is born, more global and with a revamped image. The six lines of business which make up the Spanish business leader in providing professional and consultation services are: PONS Consultores Registrales (Registration Consultants), PONS Seguridad Vial (Road Safety), Gestoría PONS (Advising and Administration), PONS Escuela de Negocios (Business School), PONS IP (Law firm specialised in the field of Intellectual Property), and NOVIT Legal (providing legal, labour and administrative advice) plus Fundación PONS (The PONS Foundation) – have completed the process of changing their corporate identity which will have an impact on all its brands just as in the 11 offices in Spain and 4 internationally, where a total of 320 professionals collaborate.

Therefore the PONS brand starts a new path with the intention of renewing the external image and aligning the typical requirements of the new global positioning of PONS with the opening of offices in San Francisco, Bogotá, Guangzhou and Brussels since 2012. This is in addition to the launch of new services, which in recent times have been consolidated to PONS as one of the leading companies in assessment and consulting services to more than 50,000 clients – including individuals, companies and institutions.

For Ignacio Sevilla, the General Manager at PONS, with this new brand “we want to offer a more modern, legible, global, coherent and uniform image which reflects the current situation of PONS and which at the same time allows us to provide our brands with the necessary flexibility in order for each of them to maintain its own character”.

The choice of the colour black as the element unifying the different brands comes from the desire to strengthen the PONS brand with the attributes of sobriety, elegance, solidity and prestige; all values which have naturally been associated with the PONS companies over the span of 75 years.

The Communications director of PONS, Juan Luis Antolín, signalled that with this new image “we are confident that our thousands of clients and more than 300 professionals spread over three continents are able to perceive the values of our company in a much clearer way compared to that of the competition and when it comes to identifying us as its best alternative in the market”.

Use of the new typography

The main corporative typography in PONS belongs to the Avenir™ family. It is a modern, serious typography with high readability even in reduced sizes. This font family will be used in all technical support, graphics, and external communication in order to support the main brand. It can be used in bold for headings and highlighted to emphasise proper nouns or words.

More information

Juan Luis Antolín

Communications Director PONS

(+34) 91 700 79 24 / (+34) 629 65 52 40